Operation Warcade PlayStation Trophy List

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Warcade god
Warcade god

streak x10
Get a x10 streak

streak x15
Get a x15 streak

streak x20
Get a x20 streak

Master 300k
Get 300k points

Master 500k
Get 500k points

Headshoots master
Get 40 headshoots in a game

Grenadier expert
Get 6 kills with a single grenade

Bad boy
Kill 5 civilians in a game

Matrix dominator
Matrix crack

Your safety first
Use a civilian as a shield to stop a knife

Throwing barrels
Shoot down a helicopter by throwing an explosive barrel


Kill the driver of your own boat

Go down to the arcade and hide until time passes without killing anyone

Friendly Fire
Kill a civilian with a bullet reflected in the UZI

50 stars
Get 50 stars of story mode

100 stars
Get 100 stars of story mode

Titanium UZI
Get the titanimum UZI

Double UZI
Get the double UZI

Kill 2 soldiers with a mortar bullet