Scribblenauts Showdown PlayStation Trophy List

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Showdown Superstar!
Unlock all other trophies.

Battle Royale
Complete a 25 round Versus match.

Dr. Frankenstein
Unlock all the custom Scribblenaut parts.

Flight Captain
Make it to the finish line in Take Flight! with full health.

Unlock all vehicles in the game.

Sandbox Collector
Unlock all custom Sandbox objects.

Sandbox Explorer
Unlock all 8 Sandbox levels.

Ball And Chain
Create a chain of 10 objects in Rocket Rubble!

Carpet Rider
Win a game of Balancing Act! without dropping any of your objects.

Create all 15 custom Scribblenauts.

Complete a 15 round Versus match.

Drone Pilot
Score at least 1500 points in Drone Drop!

Four's A Crowd
Complete a Showdown with 4 players.

Greatness Is A Habit
Win 5 consecutive games against a single player.

Inventor Extraordinaire
Create 100 Sandbox objects.

Junkyard Bully
Knock down a tower in 8 launches in Tower Topple!

Win a game of Super Sprint! without hitting an obstacle.

Shutout a player in Versus by winning every single round.

Starite Master
Earn 100 Starites.

All In The Family
Create one of Maxwell's brothers in Sandbox Play or a Wordy game.

Create A Scribblenaut
Create a custom Scribblenaut.

Plate Thrower
Win a game of Get Served! without losing any health.

Speed Master
Play every Speedy game at least once.

Complete a 9 round Versus match.

Starite Apprentice
Earn 25 Starites.

Two Shovels
Play Sandbox with two players.

Word Master
Play every Wordy game at least once.