Megadimension Neptunia VIIR PlayStation Trophy List

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Trophies Completed
Acquired all of the trophies.

Bounty Master
Cleared all of the Bounty Quests, including the High-Risk ones.

Golden Goddess
Equipped all Ultra Rare items for your Processors.

Rank Master
Cleared all of the Rank Challenges.

U Rare Coordinator
Equipped Ultra Rare items for your Weapon, Armor, Costume, and Accessory simultaneously.

Ancient Dragon King
Defeated [Ancient Dragon King].

Cat's Tail
Bounty: Defeated the Youngest Brother, Middle Sister, and Eldest Brother Cat's Tails.

Bounty: Defeated Delphinus.

Heart Dimension Master
Cleared [Heart Dimension H Trilogy Finale: Into Legend...].

High-Risk Hunt
Cleared a High-Risk Bounty Quest.

Hyper Dimension Master
Cleared [Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri].

I Love Buying Things!
Raised a City's Commerce Level to 7.

I Love Events!
Raised a City's Public Relations Level to 9.

I Love Making Things!
Raised a City's Industry Level to 9.

Jack & Billy
Bounty: Defeated Heretical Dogoo Jack and Magical Dogoo Billy.

Obtained S Rare Equipment!
Obtained a Super Rare item.

Rabii Family
Bounty: Defeated the entire Rabii family.

Rank Challenger
Cleared a Rank Challenge and raised the Technology Level.

Signal Brothers
Bounty: Defeated all of the Signal Brothers.

Strongest Gang Leader
Bounty: Defeated Destiny Cat.

U Rare Creator
Created an Ultra Rare item from a Plan.

You Again?!
Bounty: Defeated God of Woe.

Zero Dimension Master
Cleared [Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU].

Bounty Hunt
Cleared a Bounty Quest.

Created an item from a Plan.

Dangerous Hunt
Defeated a Dangerous Enemy.

Disc Making
Tried Disc Dev.

Large Family
Number of Scouts exceeded 20.

Upped the Rank of an item.

MMO Squeed
Bounty: Defeated both MMO Squeed Elite and Big Boss.

Obtained Rare Equipment!
Obtained a Rare item.

Pixel Shooter
Bounty: Defeated Wildvader.

Used Route Building to build the route a Scout found for you.