EVERSPACE PlayStation Trophy List

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Among The Stars
Collect all other trophies.

Better Off Dead
Reach the lab on hard difficulty.

Getting Sidetracked
Complete all challenges.

Perked Up
Max out all pilot perks.

Taking One For The Team
Defeat Admiral Gorc.

Get all perks for the Interceptor, the Scout or the Gunship.

Tuned To The Max
Max out all perks for the Colonial Sentinel.

Whole Again
Collect all DNA fragments.

Almost There
Reach sector 6.

Enhanced Victory
Finish a run having both the Predetermination and Sensory Overload enhancements equipped.

Evil Twin
Kill your own clone.

Friggin' Awesome
Destroy an Okkar Frigate.

Mr. Ancient
Collect all glyphs.

Mr. Robot
Collect all subroutines.

No Time To Die
Reach the lab in less than an hour.

Proud Owner
Buy a new ship.

And That's That
Decide Karlie's Fate.

Fast And Fragile
Use the Colonial Scout 15 times.

Fly My Lovely
Have 5 or more drones working for you at the same time.

Getting Closer
Reach sector 4.

Getting Somewhere
Reach sector 3.

Getting Started
Reach sector 2.

Gooey Mess
Feed a Green Goo until it bursts.

Nobody Expects The Coalition
Help the Coalition become a force to be reckoned with.

Onwards And Upwards
Reach sector 5.

Have a primary weapon other than the Ancient Weapon installed that does more than 200 shield or hull dps.

Quid Pro Quo
Complete all tasks for Tareen.

Accumulate 500 scrap in a single run.

Slow And Sturdy
Use the Colonial Gunship 15 times.

Vigorous And Versatile
Use the Colonial Sentinel 15 times.

Weird Science
Complete all tasks for Throng.

Wrong Time, Wrong Place
Destroy 1000 enemies.