Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality PlayStation Trophy List

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Platinum Rick
Platinum Rick

1000 Years Troy and Morty!
Play as Troy for over 1000 years.

Or is it eggception?

Emperor of Soundwaves
Listen to all of the numbered tapes.

Fully Charged
Charge the largest battery to 100 or greater.

Hand Of Midas
Give yourself a high-five, you’re a real alchemist now!

Ahh [HUMAN] memories.

Poop Emoji
Play with poop

You Went There
You should be ashamed.

Bureaucratic Nightmare
Kill 100 Gromflomites in a single session of the shootout.

Fixed a light bulb.

He's Thrashing Your Score
Go off the grid in Troy.

Love Hurts
Give Jerry his medicine

Meet Your Makers
Watch the entire credits disc.

Big Hands Mode!
Dude… your hands… they’re so BIG!

From Downtown!
Throw something at the Smith home from very far away.

Thrown Under the Bus
Have a youseeks get hit by a bus

Wubba lubba dub dub!
Achieve your ultimate purpose