BLEED PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlock all BLEED Trophies.

Arcade Clear: Hard
Clear Arcade Mode on Hard.

Arcade Clear: Very Hard
Clear Arcade Mode on Very Hard.

Story Clear: Hard
Clear Story Mode on Hard.

Story Clear: Very Hard
Clear Story Mode on Very Hard.

Arcade Clear: Normal
Clear Arcade Mode on Normal.

Challenge Mode Champion
Win a Challenge Mode fight against 3 opponents.

S-Rank: Battalion
Defeat Battalion with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Bubble Core
Defeat the Bubble Core with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Bunny Rockette
Defeat Bunny Rockette with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Chopper Core
Defeat the Chopper Core with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Dragon Heart
Defeat the Dragon Heart with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Gibby & Stu
Defeat Gibby & Stu with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Guppy
Defeat Guppy with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Laser Bots
Defeat the Laser Bots with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Mantis Core
Defeat the Mantis Core with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Mirror Core
Defeat the Mirror Core with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Rival
Defeat the Rival with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: Spider Core
Defeat the Spider Core with an S-Rank.

S-Rank: White Mk II
Defeat White Mk II with an S-Rank.

Story Clear: Normal
Clear Story Mode on Normal.

Arcade Clear: Easy
Clear Arcade Mode on Easy.

Excessively Stylish
Reflect a bullet that was reflected by the Rival.

Intrepid Explorer
Investigate the pit in Guppy's Manor.

Quiet Contemplation
Recite some poetry atop the Hall of Heroes.

Secret Mission 01: Gate Crasher
Completely trash Guppy's Manor.

Secret Mission 02: Anti-Omelette
Don't break any egg's in the Earth's core.

Secret Mission 03: Lil' Mama
Don't trip any lasers in the Hi-Security Complex.

Secret Mission 04: Speed Demon
Reach and defeat Bunny Rockette in 3 minutes.

Secret Mission 05: Preferred Polarity
Only fight one color of blob in the underground Lab.

Secret Mission 06: Clean Shoes
Don't step on the regenerating blocks in the Dragon's stomach.

Secret Mission 07: Perfect Pacifist
Do no damage and take no damage in the Hall of Heroes.

Story Clear: Easy
Clear Story Mode on Easy.