Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition PlayStation Trophy List

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The Once and Future Thing
Complete the game. Thanks for playing!

+12 Hackmaster
Craft 100 items.

A Host of Sorrows
Vanquish the Visage of Anguish.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings
Win your first battle.

Building a Consensus
Successfully placate the three feuding parties.

Curtis Creek Regular
Catch 25 fish.

Double Take
Win the negotiations by eliminating both Tag and Bink.

Getting There!
Reach Party Level 10.

In Our Hearts, on Our Backs
Carry on the legacy of the fallen hero.

Masochism Tango
Complete 50 challenges.

No-Winged Angel
Vanquish the Fomorian Ancient.

One, Two, Many
Win 50 battles.

Put Your Cap On
Reach Party Level 20.

Serial Cleaner
Clear 15 Dungeons.

This Ain't Even a Lake!
Fish out the legendary item.

Unlock 30 Codex entries.

Complete 25 Text Adventures.

A for Effort
Complete 5 challenges.

A New Career in a New Town
Complete Chapter 1.

A Pirate I Was Meant to Be
Max out Valen's Personal Bond.

Alchemy Mondays
Max out Riehl's Personal Bond.

Assassin's Deed
Max out Grenn's Personal Bond.

Clamor Vincit Omnia
Max out Diego's Personal Bond.

Commercial Break
Complete a Text Adventure.

Crackpot, Hypocrite, King
Win the negotiations by exposing Bink.

Dragon Swayer
Complete Chapter 4.

Dragons in Our Midst
Win the negotiations by exposing Tag.

Dungeon Sweeper
Clear 3 Dungeons.

Extra Heretical
Max out Henrietta's Personal Bond.

For Generations!
Max out Gunther's Personal Bond.

Hero of a Different Game
Max out Griffith's Personal Bond.

It's All in the Hammer
Craft 25 items.

Just Like Fire Hoses
Max out Theo's Personal Bond.

Light Reading
Unlock 5 Codex entries.

Miss Driller
Max out Winter's Personal Bond.

No Direction Home
Max out Shichiroji's Personal Bond.

No Song for the Choir
Max out Levant's Personal Bond.

Max out Esther's Personal Bond.

Over the Hills and Far Away
Max out Miri's Personal Bond.

Rules of Acquisition
Max out Haksun's Personal Bond.

Set a Man on Fire...
Max out Aliss' Personal Bond.

Shadow of the Beast
Max out Signy's Personal Bond.

Spitting Out the Demons
Complete Chapter 5.

Things Will Get Worse
Complete Chapter 3.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Max out Baz and Lilka's Personal Bond.

Without Honor or Humanity
Max out Mifune's Personal Bond.