New Gundam Breaker PlayStation Trophy List

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The Hero of Gunbre High
Earn all trophies

Justice Prevails
Clear all of Yui’s missions

Clear all of Iori’s missions

Duty and Honor
Clear all of Ryoko’s missions

Peace and Quiet at Last
Clear all of Marika’s missions

Totally Dazzling!
Clear all of Chinatsu’s missions

Sieg Shion! Sieg Shion! Sieg Shion!
Clear all of Shion’s missions

It’s Complicated
Clear all of Recoco’s missions

Bonus Boss
Clear all bonus missions

S-Rank Clear
Clear a mission with Rank S

S-Rank Prodigy
Clear 10 missions with Rank S

S-Rank Superstar
Clear 30 missions with Rank S

Master Collector
Acquire 500 parts

Melee Weapon Collector
Acquire 50 Melee Weapon parts

Ranged Weapon Collector
Acquire 50 Ranged Weapon parts

Head Collector
Acquire 20 Head parts

Body Collector
Acquire 20 Body parts

Arm Collector
Acquire 20 Arm parts

Leg Collector
Acquire 20 Leg parts

Backpack Collector
Acquire 20 Backpack parts

Shield Collector
Acquire 30 Shield parts

Gunpla Builder
Finish a complete MS part set

Gunpla Collector
Finish 10 complete MS part sets

Gunpla Master
Finish 30 complete MS part sets

Master Striker
Learn 5 Striker Frame abilities

Master Gunner
Learn 5 Gunner Frame abilities

Master Enchanter
Learn 5 Enchanter Frame abilities

Master Searcher
Learn 5 Searcher Frame abilities

Master of Balance
Learn 5 Balance Frame abilities

Part Burglar
Exchange parts during a mission (except during tutorial)

EX Skill Burglar
Use an EX Skill from a part you exchanged during a mission

Use the Cube to Recover a part you stole during a mission

PG Buster
Clear a quest to destroy a Perfect Grade

MA Buster
Clear a quest to destroy a Mobile Armor

Warship Buster
Clear a quest to destroy a Warship

Quickly Matched
Play a Quick Match

Team Builder
Form a team and play a Multiplayer match

Team Player
Join a team and play a Multiplayer match

Sweet, Sweet Victory
Win a Network Battle

You’re Number One!
Get 1st Place in a Multiplayer match

Builders Parts Collector
Acquire 5 Builders parts