Mulaka PlayStation Trophy List

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Platinum Soul
Get all other trophies.

A Link Between Worlds
Interact with every ghost in the game.

Bear Stare
Use the Bear transformation to defeat a Boss.

Defeat 50 enemies using the finisher.

From the Top
Beat the game.

Light Feet
Sprint for over a minute without stopping.

Master SukurĂșame
Purchase all upgrades.

One With Nature
Use each potion at least 20 times.

Power Overwhelming
Beat the game without losing a single soul.

Swift Lancer
Use all combos at least once.

Friendly Fire
Make an enemy kill another one by accident.

PETA's been informed of your behaviour
Attempt to hit a pheasant.

Property Damage
Destroy all tents in Paquime's Market.

This is not Zel..that game
Attempt to destroy a vase in Paquime.

Defeat 200 enemies.