Premium Pool Arena PlayStation Trophy List

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2 For 1
Pocket two target balls with one shot

Almost Perfect
Pocket 7 balls in a row

Bag of Balls
Pocket 100 balls

Big Leagues
Play a tournament until the end

Box of Balls
Pocket 1,000 balls

Cue Collector
Own 10 cues

Cue Monster
Play 500 games in Tournament mode

Beat an opponent without them pocketing any balls

Epic Pool Master
Play 1,000 games

Win a game by pocketing all balls in a row

Flawless Victory
Win the hardcore tournament

Perfect Game
Win a game without committing a foul

Pocketing Spree
Pocket 6 balls in a row

Pool Master
Play 100 games

Premium Pool Forever
Win 100 games without committing a foul

Purified by Fire
Win 10 games without committing a foul

Road To Glory
Win your first single player game

Sack of Balls
Pocket 10,000 balls

Tournament Master
Win 10 tournaments

Veteran Cue Master
Play 100 games in Tournament mode

Voodoo Player
Win a game when the opponent pockets the 8-ball prematurely