Fear Effect Sedna PlayStation Trophy List

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Fear Pefect
You earned all trophies

Friend of Glas
You took Glas's side at the end of the game

Friend of Hana
You took Hana's side at the end of the game

Master of infiltration
Complete the level of the boat's deck without being detected

The great escape
Complete the puzzle of the Tanker in 7 actions

The scholar
Read every document in the game

The undecided
You didn't take a side at the end of the game

3 in 1
Kill 3 enemies with a single bouncing bullet of Hana

Burn baby burn
Kill 20 enemies with the burn damages of the flamethrower of Deke

Forgive me
Kill Rain stealthily in Hana's Hell

Make an enemy kill their ally with the confusion of Axel

Rapid spying
Complete the gala without taking more glasses on the buffet

The assassin
Kill 50 enemies stealthily

The engineer
Kill 3 enemies with a single turret of Glas

The scarecrow
Draw the attention of 20 enemies with the lure of Rain

The specialist
Kill 50 enemies with skills

The strategist
Kill 50 enemies with the tactical pause

The vampire
Restore 75% of your health with the life steal of Atiqtalik

Back to the open air
You discovered strange experiments

First Mission
You began the adventure

Into the unknown
You survived Atiqtalik's wrath

Mythology specialist
You learned more about inuit mythology

One stays, the other leaves
You saved Glas, but not Rain...

Summit Meeting
You got through Hell

You recruited new teammates