Omensight PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies

Die, Indrik, die
Defeat Indrik in battle

Farewell Ratika
Defeat Ratika in battle

Sword master
Unlock all Harbinger's Blade upgrades

Voden Slayer
Emprison Voden

Yield, Draga
Defeat Draga in battle

You're going down, Ludomir
Defeat Ludomir in battle

Barrage of Blasts
Launch 4 Phantom Blasts while inside Delay of Fate's sphere

Flurry of Death
Execute two Lethal Flurries in a row

Masterful denial
Break a barrel thrown by a Shark while it's in the air, by throwing a barrel at it

Phantom Combo
Launch a Phantom Blast on an enemy thrown with Phantom Grasp, while inside Delay of Fates' sphere

True Aegis
Unlock all Harbinger's Aegis upgrades

A Murder Mystery
Witness Voden's appearance for the first time

Flurry Master
Use Lethal Flurry 20 times

Grab and Throw
Use Phantom Grasp 50 times

Kladen Seal
Unlock the Kladen Seal

Making a murderer
Unlock your second Omensight

Mario wannabe
Jump on the head of all your companions

Master of Fate
Use Delay of Fate 20 times

Mobile fighter
Use Phantom Dash 30 times

Most Valuable Player
Unlock all bonuses at the end of a day

Unlock your first Omensight

Kill four enemies with the same column

Pygarian Seal
Unlock the Pygarian Seal

Pygarian Slayer
Kill 100 Pygarian soldiers

Rodentian Seal
Unlock the Rodentian Seal

Rodentian Slayer
Kill 100 Rodentian fighters

Kill a surrendering enemy

Throw a bomb towards a column while inside Delay of Fate's sphere

Tag team
Use Companion ability 50 times

The plot thickens
Unlock the last Omensight

Vera's Seal
Unlock Vera's Seal

Void Slayer
Kill 100 Ciphers

Who needs swords
Use Phantom Blast 30 times