Trailblazers PlayStation Trophy List

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Gold Standard
Unlock all Gold Tournament Tokens.

Eight Sides To Every Story
Complete all Story chapters.

Formula Won
Complete all Cup chapters.

Token Gesture
Unlock all Tournament Tokens.

Blazed Donut
Finish a lap in 10 seconds or less on Robo Ringway.

Playing as Boo, finish in 6th place for every single lap of a race.

Drag Queen
Playing as Empress, drive at max boost for 15 seconds.

Activate 50 Paint Gates in a Gate Chase race.

Hot On The Trail
Finish 3 laps in a row in 2nd place.

Paint The Town Red
Score the most Paint Points whilst on the red team on a city track.

Pass With Flying Colours
Finish a race in 1st place.

Short Circuit
Playing as Volta, finish in 1st place in a one-lap race on Robo Ringway.