The Onion Knights PlayStation Trophy List

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Level Up
Achieve level 50.

Upgrade 15 skills to 10th level.

Training After Training!
Upgrade 20 mercenaries to 5 star grade.

Earn 20,000,000 gold in extreme mode.

Formidable Catapults
Destroy 5,000 Catapults.

Get the Beanpole.
Kill 30,000 Throwers.

Get the bear!
Kill 20,000 Chargers.

Kill 40,000 Armored Soldiers.

How to Train Dragon
Kill 100 Dragons.

More Fire!
Upgrade Cannon to 50 level.

Perfect Defense
Earn 300 stars from the stage.

Rich Magic Power
Upgrade MP Storage to 50 level.

Sway Away
Kill 50,000 Paratroopers.

Watch Out for the Axe!
Kill 50,000 Infantry.