CLANNAD PlayStation Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.

Complete all scenarios.

Fuko Master!
Change class to Fuko Master.

Illusionary World
Obtain all light orbs.

The Glorious Furukawa Bakers!
Achieve glorious victory in the baseball scenario!

Tiny Palms
Complete the true ending.

Tomoyo, Weapon of Mass Destruction
Achieve a 64 hit combo with Tomoyo.

A Gentle Scenery
Complete Yukine Miyazawa's scenario.

Complete Sunohara's ending.

I'll Grow My Hair Out Again
Complete Kyou Fujibayashi's scenario.

Jet Saito Appears!
Jet Saito makes his appearance.

Our Journey Begins Here
Complete Ryou Fujibayashi's scenario.

Right Beside Her... Forever
Complete Misae Sagara's scenario.

Small Joys, Piling Up...
Complete the Sunoharas' scenario.

Spacious Garden
Complete Kotomi Ichinose's scenario.

The Blooming Sakura
Complete Tomoyo Sakagami's scenario.

The Day Will Come
Complete Fuko Ibuki's scenario.

The End of His Long Journey
Complete Toshio Koumura's scenario.

The First Light Orb
Obtain a light orb.

The Guiding Light Between Them
Complete Kappei Hiiragi's scenario.

Together Forever
Complete Nagisa Furukawa's scenario.

Welcome to the Heartbeat ☆ Academy
Complete the gamebook, "Welcome to the Heartbeat ☆Academy"

The Hill Goes On
Complete the prologue.