Reverie PlayStation Trophy List

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Tai of New Zealand
Collect all other trophies.

Just Like Captain Cook
Reveal every tile on the world map.

Collect every feather.

Peace on Toromi Island
Complete the game!

You're Making Me Violent
Beat the bonus dungeon.

Basement Dweller
Beat the first dungeon.

Beach Boy
Beat the third dungeon.

Determination Beats Luck
Become the fisherman's lucky charm.

Collected every quest item.

Beat the fifth dungeon.

Renegade Fighter
Beat the highest score on StarBlazer.

The Competition is Heating Up!
Beat the microwave at MicroPong.

Tomb Raider
Beat the fourth dungeon.

Tree Climber
Beat the second dungeon.

Where Does He Fit Them All?
Collected every permanent inventory item.

Ain't No River Wide Enough
Acquire the snorkel.

Everything in its Right Place
Rearrange your inventory.

Gotta Go Fast!
Acquire the wheel shoes.

I Shall Call Him Stephen
Acquire the pet rock.

Legend in Training
Score a try.

Mr Millan, I Presume?
Become a dog whisperer.

Mr Moneybags
Acquire the maximum amount of coins.

Nerf This!
Acquire the dart gun.

Not Your Standard Weapon
Acquire the cricket bat.

The Land Before Time
Discover the tuatara cave.

The Right Side of History
Change the pizza option.

The Rugby Conspiracy
Discover the secret rugby facility.

There's a Time and Place for Everything
Use the wheelshoes inside your house.

Take Ruby for a walk to the beach.

We All Need a Hobby
Look at the feather book.

Why Aren't They Sleeping?
Discover the kiwi grove.

Wind it Up!
Acquire the yoyo.

You Know Them Well!
Meet all three members of the Kiwi Krew.