Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins PlayStation Trophy List

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100 units destroyed by any operator.

Deploy without equipping any Handheld Weapons.

Scenario Complete!
Watch all endings. (Requires repeated playthroughs to unlock all alternate endings)

Clear game without any retries after a game over.

Uruz 1
Train Clouseau to level 50.

Uruz 2
Train Mao to level 50.

Uruz 6
Train Kurz to level 50.

Uruz 7
Train Sousuke to level 50.

100 Enemies Destroyed!
Destroy at least 100 units.

200 Enemies Destroyed!
Destroy at least 200 units.

Lambda Driver
Activate Lambda Driver.

Total Annihilation
Destroy the HEAD, ARMS, and LEGS before destroying the enemy.

Kurz destroys an enemy with Long-range Combat.

Close Combat
Destroy an enemy with Close Combat.

Formidable Foe
Destroy Behemoth.

Game Clear
Clear the game.

Heavily Armed
Deploy with the overweight status.

Out Of Ammo
Reduce any weapon's ammunition to 0.

Use Fire Support.

Destroy an enemy with Integrated Firearms.

Skill Complete
Fully unlock any operator's skill tree.

Skill Master
Train any skill to level 10.

Taking out the Trash
Destroy an enemy with a Lambda Driver Attack.

Clear Mission 01.