Earthlock PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlocked all other trophies.

Konkylian Custodian
Defeat the Hollow Knight

Owl Tide Bestiary
Defeat one of every enemy

Owls of the Nest
Complete the game

Unlock all prison cells in Karba Prison

Well Traveled
Get all the mementos

Champions of Umbra
Level up all characters to level 20

Custodian of Scrollroads.
Defeat the Mushriga

Disciple of the Onurasi
Completely fill all the Talent Boards

Family Ties
Cure Benjo and rescue Bran

Fearless in Karba
Fully level up all Bonds between all characters

Festival Masters
Complete all Tournaments with Gold Ranking

Great Wave Alumni
Craft one of each Perk Talents

Inside Maáto's Mind
Get to the memory chamber

Master Engineer
Craft one of each weapon

Shielded by Lÿs
Lady Lumia crafts the Lys Aegis Talent

Spiritualist of the Sands
Help 50 ghosts to rest at peace

A Better World
Scavenge all scrap piles

A Stormdog's bond
Rescue Taika from the goblin

Art Director
Get all the paintings for Plumpet Library

Critter King
Release all the Golden Bibis

Diligent Hogbunny
Fill up the garden with plants

Fruits of Labour
Plant one of each critter plant

Gardener of Lango
Harvest 10 000 fruits

Gersween's Nest
Get to Plumpet Island

Gold Finger
Dig up all treasure zones

Heroic Hoarder
Return all barnacles to Plumpet Island

Hogbunny Buddy
Gnart joins the party

House In Order
Liberate the Great Wave

Lango Plantmaster
Fully level up every type of plant

Supreme Scavenger
Open 50 chests

The General's Daughter
Help Ive from the crashed plane

The Red-Haired Enigma
Olia rejoins the party

Zabirum Seeker
Defeat the Temple Guardian