City of Brass PlayStation Trophy List

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Break the Curse
Complete the game for the first time.

Glutton for Punishment
Complete the game with all Divine Burdens turned on. No Portals. No Blessings.

The Hard Slog
Complete the game without using any wish portals.

Borrowed Time
Unlock the Deadline Divine Burden.

First blood
You need to die. Just once. It'll be painless.

I Can Take It
Unlock the Deadly Divine Burden.

Night Owl
Unlock the Eclipse Divine Burden.

Raider of Tombs
Unlock the portal to the Catacombs.

Royal Welcome
Unlock the portal to the Palace.

Secret Garden
Unlock the portal to the Gardens.

The Bigger They Are ...
Unlock the Stout Divine Burden.

They Keep Coming!
Unlock the Rebirth Divine Burden.

Try To Keep Up
Unlock the Breakneck Divine Burden.

Watch Your Step!
Unlock the Excessive Divine Burden.

Who Needs Genies?
Unlock the Unhelpful Divine Burden.

Who's In Charge Around Here?
Reach the final Boss Fight.