Home Run Derby VR PlayStation Trophy List

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Home Run Derby Champ
Earn all other trophies

All Star Champ
Hit 6 Home Runs in a row

Barrel Rider
Hit 20 Home Runs with launch angle between 26-30 degrees and an Exit velocity of 98+ MPH

Earn 500,000 Points

Calling the Shots
hit 100 bonus targets

Centenial Slugger
Hit 100 Home Runs

It's Outta Here!
Hit a ball with 125 MPH exit velocity

That still only counts as one!
Hit a home run further than 520 feet

50k? No problem
Earn 50,000 points

Back To Back To Back
hit 3 HR in a row

Hit 25 home runs in Nationals Park

Going, Going, Gone
Hit a home run further than 460 feet

He's on fire!
hit a ball with 105 MPH exit velocity

Rock and Roller
Hit 25 home runs in Progressive Field

South Beach Swatter
Hit 25 home runs in Marlins Park

Swinging For The Fences
hit 25 bonus targets

The Sweet Spot
Hit 10 home runs with launch angle between 25-35 degrees

I Got 5 On It
hit 5 bonus targets

Left Hander
Play a round as a left handed batter

Right Hander
Play a round as a right handed batter

Welcome to the Big Leagues!
Hit your first Home Run