GoNNER PlayStation Trophy List

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Made Your Mentor Proud
Unlock all trophies

What is that?
You picked up a glyph

Good Job
You completed the cave world. Good job

You completed the Robot world. Impressive

You completed Shooty world! Smooth!

Stare Into The Abyss
You became Death

Love Love Love
You found sally

You completed Death world! Woah!

I'm a serious adult person and i think this kind of humor is childish and should be banned.

I believe in you, get back up

It's not even ASCII, how can it even be called a Roguelike??

High Five
You got a combo of 5

Combo Bomb
You got a combo of 15!

Combo God
These combos are just getting ridiculous...

You hit the glyph cap!

The Floor is Lava
You jumped on 20 enemies in a row

Get Off My Lawn!
You pushed that big piece of trash off your lawn. Good on you

No Really, Game Over!
There's nothing there! No easter egg, no extra item, no nothing.

I Can Take Care Of Myself
Didn't have to skip death

Combo Infinity
Did you just run out of colors?