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All the Things!
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Super Robot
Fall at least 120 Meters, then land on the ground.

Finish 30 Courses

Vault Owner
Collect 300 Geoms

White and Gold Body
Earn 140 Medals

Black Kitsune Mask
Earn 130 Medals

Cliff Hanger
Fall at least 60 Meters, then climb without touching the ground

Kabuki Mask
Earn 110 Medals

Locked Safe
Collect 150 Geoms

Silver Body
Earn 105 Medals

Skull Mask
Earn 120 Medals

Finish 20 Courses

A Third of the Way
Finish 10 Courses

Get all Medals in One Course

Albino Gorilla Hands
Earn 80 Medals

Bird Mask
Earn 40 Medals

Brawl Mask
Earn 30 Medals

Burj Khalifa (x20)
Climb for 16,560 Meters

Finish 5 Courses

Empire State Building (x5)
Climb for 2,215 Meters

Perform 40 Consecutive Leaps Without Touching the Ground

Fox Mask
Earn 60 Medals

Fury Mask
Earn 10 Medals

Getting Warmed Up
Perform 10 Consecutive Leaps Without Touching the Ground

Gold Mask
Earn 50 Medals

Gold Original Hands
Earn 70 Medals

Gold Skeleton Hands
Earn 55 Medals

Gorilla Hands
Earn 25 Medals

Great Pyramid (x3)
Climb for 441 Meters

Hanya Mask
Earn 95 Medals

Just the Start
Finish 2 Courses

Military Body
Earn 65 Medals

Military Robo 2.0 Hands
Earn 90 Medals

Mount Everest (x5)
Climb for 44,360 Meters

Mummy Hands
Earn 45 Medals

Rabbit Mask
Earn 20 Medals

Finish 15 Courses

Robo 2.0 Hands
Earn 35 Medals

Shanghai Tower (x10)
Climb for 6,320 Meters

Skeleton Hands
Earn 16 Medals

Perform 20 Consecutive Leaps Without Touching the Ground

Start of a Collection
Collect 70 Geoms

Tengu Mask
Earn 85 Medals

White Robo 2.0 Hands
Earn 100 Medals