DJMAX RESPECT PlayStation Trophy List

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Collected all DJMAX RESPECT Trophies.

Cleared 50 missions.

Break the Limit
Cleared 500 patterns in MAXCOMBO.

You have reached Level 99.

Perfect Perfectionist
Accumulated 300,000,000 points.

Combos First!
Cleared 300 patterns in MAXCOMBO.

Diligence Will Pay Off One Day
Accumulated 200,000,000 points.

Half Empty? Half Full!
You have reached Level 50.

I Will Rule This Game
Cleared all songs.

Jaw Dropping Performance
Cleared with 5000 or more combos.

JUST 100%
Cleared a pattern from RESPECT category with PERFECT.

S Rank Master
Acquired S Rank for 50 times.

Accomplished 999999 combos.

You Must Be a Pro
Cleared 30 missions.

A Smooth Ride
Cleared 10 missions.

Cleared ARCADE Mode with 4 Buttons.

Found a hidden BGA for the first time.

Ask to Wind
Cleared only with "Portable 1" songs in ARCADE mode.

Awesome MIX!
Cleared ARCADE Mode with 6 Buttons.

Become an NB RANGER
Watched all NB RANGER videos in Collection.

Combo Meister
Accomplished 100000 combos.

DJ Alpha Resigns
Beat the mission against A.I.

Each Single Point Counts
Accumulated 100,000,000 points.

Everything about Notes
Acquired 10 notes.

Happy Lucky Day
Cleared with 777 combos.

Hidden Talent
Cleared 100 patterns in MAXCOMBO.

Hopefully This Trophy Will Help You Keep Calm
Failed a stage for the first time.

Maybe Next Time..
Cleared with a single BREAK.

My Little Gallery
Acquired 100 images.

No One Likes to Lose
Played Online Match 10 times.

Plate Collector
Acquired 30 plates.

Saved in My Heart
Found all the hidden BGA.

Slang Festival
Acquired 50 comments.

Super Rookie
You have reached Level 10.

Testing Your Skills
Cleared 30 patterns with difficulty level 10 or higher in MAXCOMBO.

The 5th Wave
Cleared ARCADE Mode with 5 Buttons.

The Gear of All Gears
Acquired 15 gears.

This is for You
Watched CREDITS for the first time.

Try your ability. Do it!!
Cleared ARCADE Mode with 8 Buttons.

Acquired A Rank for 100 times.

You're So Into This
Accomplished 70% success rate of 4 Button Master Score.

Your Own Miracle
Cleared only with "Portable 2" songs in ARCADE mode.