Fallout Shelter PlayStation Trophy List

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Platinum Trophy
Collect all other 34 Trophies for this Trophy.

Armed and Dangerous
Collect 20 Legendary Weapons

Fashion Statement
Collect 20 Legendary Outfits

Legend of the Wastes
Complete 100 Quests

Scrap 500 items

A Better Future, Underground
Upgrade 20 Rooms to Level 3

A Vault For My Vault
Collect 10,000 Caps

Collect all Fragments of 4 Theme Recipes

Enemy of the Wastes
Kill 500 enemies on Quests

Hard Work is Happy Work
Successfully complete 50 Room Rushes

Overachieve Much?
Complete 100 objectives

Level up a Dweller from Level 1 to 50

Complete 60 Quests

Vault-Tec Engineer
Build 50 rooms

You're Fired!
Kill 10 Quest Bosses

A Little Off the Top
Change the appearance of 10 Dwellers in the Barbershop

Atom Splitter
Merge 3 Power Rooms

Better Settler
Level up a dweller from Level 1 to 10

Big Pharma
Collect 100 Stimpaks and 100 RadAway on Quests

Dine and Dash
Merge 3 Food Rooms

Craft 10 Outfits

Get Off My Lawn
Successfully stop 50 Raider Attacks

Higher and Higher
Level up a dweller from Level 1 to 25

Home Sweet Home
Build 1 of every room type

Interior Designer
Craft every Theme

Mattress Stuffer
Collect 1000 caps

More Than Handy
Craft an Outfit, a Weapon, and a Theme

Paint 'n Elbow Grease
Collect all Fragments of a Theme Recipe

Prepared For The Future
Make 25 Babies

Project Purity
Merge 3 Water Rooms

Smooth Talker
Make 25 Dialogue Choices on Quests

Urban Ranger
Complete 30 Quests

Vault-Tec Architect
Build 25 rooms

Wasteland Wanderer
Complete 10 Quests

Craft 10 Weapons