Record of Grancrest War PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlocked all trophies.

A Wise Lord
Total base level reached 1,000.

Recruited 100 units.

Huge Fortune
Possess 100,000 gold.

Real Treasure
Acquired 1,000 dignity points.

Seeking for Power
One character reached level 50.

The Will of the Soverign Monarch
Completed 100 quests.

An Iron Wall
Won 20 Defend a Seige Battles.

Another Ordinary Day
Completed a generic base conversation.

Another Possible Outcome
Completed the normal route.

Battle against the Dark Warlord
Defeated enemy (SNM) dwelling at the bottom of the Abyss.

Battle against the Ten Generals
Defeated 10 types of enemies (HNM) dwelling deep in the dungeon.

Completed a subevent.

Chaos Slayer
Defeated Chaos with an S rank.

Dragon Slayer
Defeated the Dragon Lord with an S rank.

The Conqueror
Won 20 Seige Battles.

True Ending
Completed the hard route.

A Fateful Encounter
Completed Chapter 1.

A Glimpse of a Hero
Defeated a Named Monster.

Artuk Upheaval
Completed Chapter 5.

Battle of Fate
Completed Chapter 7.

Final Battle
Completed Chapter 8.

Lord of the Eternal Darkness
Completed Chapter 3.

Parted Future
Completed Chapter 4.

Start of a New History
Reached level 5.

Starting Over
Completed Chapter 2.

The Liberator
Completed Chapter 6.