Realms of Arkania: Star Trail PlayStation Trophy List

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Star Trail
All trophies unlocked!

Visit all dungeons in the main game.

Artherion's Avenger
Convict the masterminds of Gashok.

Basilisk Slayer
Defeat the Basilisk.

Cartographer I
Discover 35 land routes.

Cartographer II
Discover 80 land routes.

Cartographer III
Discover 150 land routes.

Outsmart the guards at the Finsterkopp Pit.

Equip a cursed item on a hero.

Demon Whisperer
Answer all of the fire demon's questions correctly.

Don't Make Me Axe You Again
Use the battle axe in a fight.

Dr. Jones
Find 5 secret doors.

Fail Carouse Check 10 times.

Entertainer I
Earn 5 ducats through music and singing in taverns.

Entertainer II
Earn 50 ducats through music and singing in taverns.

Entertainer III
Earn 200 ducats through music and singing in taverns.

Get beaten up in a city due to missing pants.

Healing wounds leads to a disease.

Generous I
Donate 50 ducats in temples.

Generous II
Donate 100 ducats in temples.

Generous III
Donate 200 ducats in temples.

Travel all roads on the map.

Gods' Favorite
Experience 5 miracles.

Save 50 ducats by haggling.

Hunter I
Acquire 50 supply packages by hunting.

Hunter II
Acquire 200 supply packages by hunting.

Hunter III
Acquire 500 supply packages by hunting.

Locksmith I
Pick a lock.

Locksmith II
Pick 10 locks.

Locksmith III
Pick 40 locks.

Medium I
Summon a spirit.

Medium II
Summon 5 spirits.

Medium III
Summon 10 spirits.

Necromancer I
Summon a skeleton.

Necromancer II
Summon 5 skeletons.

Necromancer III
Summon 10 skeletons.

Bring a hero back to life.

Ring all of the gongs in the Temple of the Nameless.

Win a battle with 0 armor protection on all party members.

Have fewer than 3 movement points in combat due to equipment.

Win a battle without killing any enemies.

Pactor I
Summon a demon.

Pactor II
Summon 5 demons.

Pactor III
Summon 10 demons.

Phex's Follower
Clarify the fate of Startrail.

Brew 10 poisons.

Shatter 3 weapons.

Savior of the Svellt Valley
Return the Salamander Stone to the elves and dwarves.

Enter the Finsterkopp Pit via the rear entrance.

Slacker I
Have 25 fights calculated by the AI.

Slacker II
Have 50 fights calculated by the AI.

Slacker III
Have 100 fights calculated by the AI.

Sleep is for the Weak
Assign the same hero to all three night watch shifts.

Have a fight calculated by the AI.

Have every NPC companion in the party.

Spider Slayer
Defeat the spider queen in the Blood Pinnacles.

Stoerrebrandt I
Save 100 ducats.

Stoerrebrandt II
Save 500 ducats.

Stoerrebrandt III
Save 2,000 ducats.

Sweet Fruit
Soothe the capricorn with sweets.

Talk to 100 people on the street.

Get caught stealing and thrown out of a tavern.

Voice Talent
Speak to the Lizards of Ansvell.

Wayfarer I
Travel on 35 different roads.

Wayfarer II
Travel on 80 different roads.

Wayfarer III
Travel on 150 different roads.