Project Nimbus: Code Mirai Trophy PlayStation Trophy List

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Above and Beyond
Completed all other trophies.

At What Cost, Peace...
Completed all Act 2 missions.

Cavalry Not Needed
Defeated all enemies before reinforcements arrived during “Red Comet.”

Fully Rated
Piloted every Battle Frame available.

I Am Invincible
Completed all Act 2 Missions on Prepare to Die.

I Closed My Eyes
Used the Blade to deflect a missile.

I Held A Party
Stayed alive in Survival Mode for 15 Waves.

Secret Service Recruit
Prevented the Air Force One from taking any damage.

4th Generation Pilot
Completed all Act 1 missions.

Ace Pilot
Defeated 1000 enemy units.

Lay It On Me
Completed a mission using only the Blade.

Not A Clunker
Used the M1 Guardian and survived 5 waves in Survival Mode.

Prepared For Nothing
Completed all Act 1 Missions on Prepare to Die.

Safety's Still On
Completed a mission without firing any missiles (when flying a missile-equipped Battle Frame).

Stayin' Alive
Stayed alive in Survival Mode for 7 Waves.

Steel Pigeons
Defeated all parachuters before they reached the ground during “Bird of Peace.”

Listened to all Audio Logs.

Combat Rated
Defeated 100 enemy units.

From Russia, with...
Defeated Yuliana.

Defeated Jennifer.

Pilot's License
Completed the Tutorial mission.

Remote Operator
Used Funnels for the first time.

Survived Judgment
Defeated Obana.

Welcome to the Circus
Fired 1000 missiles.