Subaeria PlayStation Trophy List

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Majestic Star
Unlock Everything

Blah Blah Blah!
Talk to 200 NPCs

Here's Johnny!
Visit 50 rooms in a single playthrough

Let's bleed oil
Unlock Brawl

Penta-centi kill
Kill 500 cleaners

A wind of madness
Unlock Maelstrom

Bad choices
Unlock Hacker Trait

Die 9 times

Gonna suck them all
Unlock Vacuum

Hollywood ending
Unlock Shutdown Bomb

Jean Reno to the rescue
Unlock Radar Boost

No one gonna survive
Unlock BloodBound Trait

Not fast enough
Unlock Traitor Target

Not the ending I wanted
Unlock Immortal Boost

Only cowards run away
Unlock Bulky Trait

Poppin' em
Collect 200 Health Pickups

Die once

Bumper Cars
Unlock Dizzy Target

Can't touch this
Unlock Safe Teleport

Unlock Dizzy Shell

Unlock Acrobat Boost

Speak to a NPC 15 times in a row

Leadership at its best
Unlock Master Vacuum

Nobody's home
Unlock Power Outage

One little drink for the road
Unlock Dizzy Tipsy

Over 5000!
Suffer 5,000 damage in one game

Passive aggressive behavior
Unlock Mean Master

Unlock Shutdown Teleport

Sinoc The Hodgeheg!
Go through a labyrinth in less than five minutes

Sleepy Kitty, pur pur pur
Unlock Shutdown shell

Suck it up!
Unlock Medic Shell

You can't see me
Unlock Cloak