Survive! Mr.Cube PlayStation Trophy List

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Survive Master
Achieved all trophies

Doll of Chest Opening
Opened 10 skeleton chest

Golden Coin Ⅲ
Obtain 50 gold

Guardian of Dimension
Kill the boss

Tower Disaster
Destroyed 10 towers

Traded with the merchant for 5 times

A Real Customer
Traded with the merchant 3 times

Killed 3 competing CUBE

Golden Coin Ⅱ
Obtain 25 gold

Master Explorer
Penetrate through 10 stages

Master of Chest Opening
Opened 5 skeleton chest

Monster Hunter
Killed 50 monsters

Tower Destroyer
Destroyed 5 towers

Treasure Hunter
Find 5 hidden gold chest

Advanced Warrior
Killed 30 monsters

Bought from the merchant for the first time

Don't Give Up
Die 5 times

Elite Hunter
Kill the Elite Monster

Used the stamina recovery item 5 times

Equipment Specialist
Obtained 3 types of equipment

Find Treasure
Find 1 hidden gold chest

Golden Coin Ⅰ
Obtain 10 gold

Grave Robber
Dig a grave of the dead Mr.Cube

Indomitable Explorer
Penetrate through 3 stages

Lucky? Unlucky?
Opened the skeleton chest for the first time

Meet Again
Produced new character

Novice Warrior
Killed 10 monsters

Practive Survival
Complete tutorial

Slash Master
Succeeded attacking 10 times with sword

Smash Master
Succeeded attacking 10 times with mace

Speed Star
Used the speed enforcement potion 5 times

Stap Master
Succeeded attacking 10 times with spear

The First Act of Escape
Move to the first stage using the portal

Tower Visitor
Destroyed the tower for the first time

Treasure Detector
Find 3 hidden gold chest

Used the health recovery item 5 times

Veterang Explorer
Penetrate through 5 stages

Killed the first competing CUBE