Hopalong PlayStation Trophy List

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Rhinestone Cowboy
Obtained every trophy! Ride your stickhorse to a Star Spangled rodeo, you earned it.

Bounty: Boomity HQ
Survive the battle at Boomity HQ and chase after Boss Boomity

Bounty: Boss Boomity
Defeat Boss Boomity

Bounty: Desperado
Unlock all Bounty achievements

Bounty: Vigilante
Defeat 1000 bandits. Uhhh, you okay sheriff? Why don't you sit back and relax for a bit...

Horse Whisperer
Unlock all horses

The Final Steed
Unlock the true sheriff by collecting all sheriff stars in the game

Badge of Honor
Collect all sheriff stars in the Outskirts chapter

Badge of Pride
Collect all sheriff stars in the Canyon chapter

Bounty: Lawman
Defeat 500 bandits. Woah nelly that's some good shootin'!

Complete the Canyon chapter

Good job, here's a pretty unicorn
Unlock the unicorn by logging 3 hours of hopping

Involuntary Boomslaughter
Trick bandits into taking out 50 of their fellow Boomities

Weapons Master
Unlock all weapons

Badge of Justice
Collect all sheriff stars in the Showdown chapter

Batter Up
Kill a bandit by knocking their dynamite back at them with a pick

Boulder Basher
Use a boulder to kill a bandit

Bounty: Beyond Powderdome
Defeat the mad, maxed out Boomity one-on-one in the Powderdome

Bounty: Guppy
Defeat 200 bandits

Destroy 200 tombstones

Defeat Boss Boomity while wielding his flying pig and dynamite

Dynamite Trick Shot
Kill a bandit by shooting dynamite back at them

Friendly Fire
Trick bandits into taking out 10 of their fellow Boomities

Graveyard Vandal
Destroy 50 tombstones

Off the Beaten Path
Complete the Outskirts chapter

Out of Time
Kill 4 or more bandits while Quick Draw is active

Outskirts Pacifist
Complete the Outskirts chapter without dying or killing any bandits

Powder Blaster
Kill 3 or more bandits with a single barrel explosion

Powder Master
Kill 5 or more bandits with a single barrel explosion

Two Birds
Kill two bandits with one shotgun blast