Tyr: Chains of Valhalla PlayStation Trophy List

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Father of All
Complete the game in 60 minutes or less

Elemental Warrior
Complete a level without change of element

God of Fortitude
Improve your defense stats to the maximum

God of Speed
Improve your speed stats to the maximum

God of War
Improve your strenght stats to the maximum

No Hurry
Complete a level without dashing

Nothing Left Behind
Destroy all the parts of Logi before defeat him

Odin Son
Complete the game

The Apprentice
Complete the tutorial

The Collector
Find all the collectibles

The Watcher
Don't skip the cinematics and credits

Titans Destroyer
Beat the Boss Rush mode

Visiting Asgard
Complete five levels

Visiting Migdard
Complete three levels

Visiting Niflheim
Complete one level