ATOMINE PlayStation Trophy List

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Last Love
Complete Core with V. 3.11

System Breached
Complete a Run

V. 3.11
Unlock V. 3.11

Can you stop it?
A very long BubbleBall

Complete Level 12

First Love
Complete Core with V. 1.0

Back to 1985

Power of Science
Just a Laser

A new classic

Like a little Tesla

Upgrade XII
Reach version 12 in a single run

V. 1.2b
Unlock V. 1.2b

V. 1.5
Unlock V. 1.5

V. 1.7
Unlock V. 1.7

V. 2.0
Unlock V. 2.0

V. 2.5
Unlock V. 2.5

V. 2.7
Unlock V. 2.7

V. 3.0
Unlock V. 3.0

A good start
Complete Level 4

Crazy World
Complete Level 5

Damage Bubble
This is not a puzzle

Disco Music
Use the blaster like no one


Good Game
Reach 500 points in a Run

Find 16 modules in a single run

Is it a secret?
Reach a secret zone

Just a bit faster
Improve the alpha

Just a little more
Complete Level 9

Just in time!
You've been lucky

Less than a Bit
Complete Level 4 with 0.5 of Energy

Great work!

Right in the face
Maybe too short

Turn off
Who hacks the hackers?

Upgrade VI
Reach version 6 in a single run

Was it a hydra?
Complete Level 8

Was it worth it?
Or was it a trap?

Where is the front?
Improve the laser

You needed it
Improve the blaster