Shape of the World PlayStation Trophy List

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Shape Master
Collect all trophies

Completionist 1
Complete the game

Fly 600m before touching down

Seeds Complete !
Collect all 28 seeds

Do a fast complete playthrough of the game

Time for New Shoes
Walk a total of 50,000m

Completionist 2
Complete the game a second time

Completionist 3
Complete the game three times

Fly 300m before touching down

Walk a total of 15,000m

Fast Swimmer
Launch toward 15 different cave pots

Leave no Stone Unturned
Walk a total of 30,000m

Mother Nature
Plant 1,000 trees

Mountain Explorer
Touch all Mountain monuments

Rainforest Explorer
Touch all Rainforest monuments

Road Less Traveled
Take a side route through the swamp cave

Secret Monument
Find an unmarked monument near the shore

Seed Collector
Collect half of the seeds

Seed Obsessed
Collect 3/4 of the seeds

Do a slow complete playthrough of the game

Stunt Gardener
Destroy 500 trees

Urchin Jump !
Launch upwards with the help of an urchin

Walk a total of 7,500m

Plant 100 trees

Destroy 50 trees

Head in the clouds
Fly 150m before touching down

Seed Finder
Collect 7 seeds