Waking Violet PlayStation Trophy List

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Dream job
Get all other trophies

A broken dream
Free the alchemist in the real world

I might need a keyring
Beat both secret levels

Complete the game without using hints

Master alchemist
Learn all powers

Not afraid to ask
Use a hint

Sweet dreams
Defeat the alchemist once and for all

The dream is still alive
Wake up from the dream

Trap-door murderer
Kill a monster with a door

Complete five levels without using undo

Senior alchemist
Complete 30 levels

What's this key for ?
Beat a secret level

A good start
Complete the first level.

Apprentice alchemist
Complete 15 levels

Die outside levels

Let's do it again
Replay a level

Sailing past the Pillars of Hercules
Complete the first block of levels

Snow or never
Complete the first ice level

Things get steamy
Reach the final levels